Building the Collections


Parapsychology Foundation acts as a repository for research records, notes and correspondance accumulated by scholars during their research in parapsychology. PF seeks to actively acquire photographs, film, video and audio materials pertaining to parapsychological research. For information concerning donations to the Eileen J. Garrett Library archives, rare book collection and media library, as well as the main collection consisting of books and periodicals, please contact the Foundation.

The collection is continually being augmented both by donation and by select and active purchase and has been professionally maintained since its inception in 1951. Recognized within the field as one of North America’s finest specialized libraries, donations are very much welcomed to continue to build the collection. Because the Foundation is a 501-c3 non-profit organization, gifts are tax deductible. And of course, appropriate recognition of the donor will be made public if donated materials are accepted into the collections.