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Perspective Lecture: Walter Meyer zu Erpen presents “Do Tables Tilt, Turn and Float?” on April 30th

To find out, join us at the Eileen Garrett library at 308 Front Street, Greenport, New York on April 30th at 2pm !

Walter Meyer zu Erpen, BA, MAS, President, Survival Research Institute of Canada, and PF International Affiliate presents Table Levitation Phenomena, 1850-2006: Understanding the Table Levitations Photographed by Dr. T.G. Hamilton, Winnipeg, 1923-1927

In 1991, historian and archivist Walter Meyer zu Erpen began a historical study of the psychical research experiments that medical doctor T. Glen Hamilton conducted between 1918 and 1935 in his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That in-depth study has convinced Walter of the objective reality of the physical phenomena photographed by Dr. Hamilton in his séances. In sharing his journey to understand just one aspect of the Hamilton experiments, the full, non-contact table levitations photographed between 1923 and 1927, Walter will show photographic images of the best European and North American cases of table phenomena, which date from the 1850s. In addition, he will draw upon his personal experience as a member of a Spiritualist home circle that observed, between 1998 and 2010, strong psychokinetic table movements, including lifting, rocking, and pivoting of a square, 21-pound table. That Victoria-based group was featured in the made-for-TV documentary “Conjuring Philip” that has aired on Canadian TV since 2007. The presentation will also include short video clips of the group’s table moving under good lighting conditions.

Join us in the return of our live Perspectives lecture series …donations at the door much appreciated ! seating first come first serve!

For more information on the event contact us at

Film Archivist Susan MacWilliam’s New Installation “Modern Experiments” Debuts at the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda, Ireland on February 18th, 2017

From February 18th through April 8th, 2017: “Susan MacWilliam: Modern Experiments” Highlanes Gallery is hosting the exhibition Susan MacWilliam: Modern Experiments. This exhibition, touring from Highlanes Gallery’s cross-border partner, the F. E. McWilliam Gallery and Studio in Banbridge is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of Susan MacWilliam’s work to date. The exhibition launch took… Continue Reading

The PF Mourns the Loss of Gerd Hövelmann, PF International Affiliate for Germany

Lisette Coly, the President of the Parapsychology Foundation has released this comment this morning: “It with deep regret and sadness that we must mark the passing of a highly respected and revered member of the Parapsychology Foundation family, Gerd Hövelmann. Over the years, apart from his myriad contributions to parapsychology, no doubt to be listed… Continue Reading

Signs of Reincarnation Course Starts January 30th

Parapsychology Foundation Research Fellow, Dr. James G. Matlock, will be teaching his annual online course Signs of Reincarnation starting January 30th, 2017 and running for 15 weeks. Signs of Reincarnation is an online M.A.-level discussion course that covers all aspects of reincarnation studies, including ideas about reincarnation in different traditions, research methods for studying cases,… Continue Reading

ParaMOOC17 Starts January 16th 2017

As most of you know, for the past two years the Parapsychology Foundation has supported the free annual massively open online course (or MOOC), Parapsychology Research and Education. Organized with PF Research Fellows, Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado and Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone of the PF Member Organization, The Alvarado Zingrone Institute for Research and Education… Continue Reading

Eileen Coly Passes Away At Age 97

Eileen Coly peacefully passed away in Manhattan at the age of 97 on November 18th, 2013. She served as President of the Parapsychology Foundation from 1970 until her retirement in 2011. She continued to share the founder, her mother Eileen J. Garrett’s vision for the Foundation which is to formulate a multi-disciplinary international approach to… Continue Reading

The new PFLyceum Blog, Memorial for Eileen Coly (1916-2013) has just been posted.

A new blog called “Memorial for Eileen Coly (1916-2013)” has been published on the PF Lyceum Blog page. The blog contains the eulogies delivered at the memorial service on November 30th, 2013 by Lisette Coly, Sandra Miller, Anna Damalas, George Damalas, and Jane MacLean Craig. The previous blog, “In Memory of Eileen Coly,” published in… Continue Reading

Former PF Staff and Lecturers Teaching New Courses Starting Soon

Former PF Staffers, Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone, and one of PF’s favorite lecturers, Loyd Auerbach, will be teaching two new courses for the Rhine Education Center’s Winter Semester. Both courses are eight weeks long. Alvarado and Zingrone are team-teaching Introduction to Parapsychology and Loyd Auerbach is teaching Investigating Apparitions, Hauntings and… Continue Reading

Controlled Remote Viewing Classes Coming To The Eileen J. Garrett Library

Controlled Remote Viewing Classes Coming To The Eileen J. Garrett Library May 2 -4, 2014 Parapsychology Foundation will proudly host Controlled Remote Viewing Classes at the Eileen J. Garrett Library, 308 Front Street, Greenport, New York 10944 May 2-4, 2014. This three day course from 9 -5 will be taught by Lori Williams, Executive Director… Continue Reading

Obituary of Mrs. Eileen Coly in newest issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration

The Journal of Scientific Exploration is publishing in their latest issue, an obituary written by PF former staff members and current volunteers, Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone. The obituary charts some of the details of Mrs. Coly’s very productive life at the helm of the Parapsychology Foundation. We are all grateful to… Continue Reading