Classic IJP CD-ROM

Because of popular demand, the original ten volumes (38 issues) of the acclaimed International Journal of Parapsychology (1959 to 1968), were made available on CD-Rom in 2000.

Invaluable for scientific reference and historical perspective, Classic IJP CD-Rom offers unparalleled access to a comprehensive body of work in parapsychology by international, multidisciplinary leaders in the field. Although the autorun interface and search engine does not function with recent operating systems available on PC and MAC, the content of the CD Rom is available through the file explorer function. In addition, the PDF of the Table of Contents contains hyperlinks to all the PDF copies of the original articles as well. The Table of Contents PDF can be searched through Adobe Reader’s “any word is a key word” system, and materials can be retrieved easily from the CD that way. The PDF of the index prepared by Dr. James G. Matlock is also available and searchable.

The regular price of the Classic IJP CD-Rom is $29.00, $26.10 for members of the Psychic Explorer’s Club. To purchase a copy click here.

Proceeds from the sale of the Classic IJP CD-Rom go to support the Foundation’s programs, including that unique resource, the Eileen J. Garrett Library, and the grant programs.