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Parapsychology Foundation Home Page (LogoLink) About the Parapsychology Foundation

Since 1951 the Parapsychology Foundation has pledged itself to the support of men and women interested and working in the science of parapsychology. Donations and bequests made to the Foundation help insure the continuation of our programs. Support can be given for all our activities or it can be earmarked for a specific program. The Parapsychology Foundation is a non-profit (501-c3) organization; therefore, gifts of monies or property are tax deductible.

Donating to the Eileen J. Garrett Library Archives
Recognizing that properly maintained archives would be of benefit to researchers, the Parapsychology Foundation has decided to act as a repository for researchers’ and academicians’ research records, notes, and correspondence accumulated during their careers. For further information concerning donations to the Eileen J. Garrett Library archives, please contact the Foundation.

Painless Donations
Do you shop on-line? Now there’s a way to buy from your favorite websites and benefit the Foundation in the process. The Parapsychology Foundation is now listed as a charity with http://www.igive.com. You just log on, fill out the membership form, choose the Parapsychology Foundation as your charity, and then shop at one of the more than 200 stores in IGive.com Internet Mall. (The Gap, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, ProFlowers, J. C. Penneys, The Sharper Image, Walmart, Payless, Domestications, Spiegel’s and lots more stores, big and small, are listed.)

On http://www.igive.com you can also download a utility that will alert you when a store is listed with them, and any purchase you make automatically generates a donation to the Parapsychology Foundation. You can shop by merchant, category or amount of the donation. And you can sign up to receive a report of the charitable donations made from your purchases over a calendar year, to help prepare your statement of deductions for your personal taxes. Or you can donate anonymously. It’s up to you!

Shopping with this “charitable donation portal” is a painless way to support the Foundation’s Grant Programs and Library, and through us, to support scientific investigation into psychic phenomena.

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