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Parapsychology Foundation remains focused on the vision of our founders who emphatically sought the collaboration of those from different disciplines, religions, and nationalities in the examination of psychic phenomena.

The Foundation’s International Conferences have brought to the table men and women of different nationalities and disciplines to discuss and formulate answers to the many questions raised by the paranormal. Our International Journal of Parapsychology is abstracted into six languages other than English. Various PF publications and videos are also produced in languages other than English and are crafted to foster increased communication with colleagues of varying backgrounds.

Because parapsychological phenomena exist cross-culturally we now seek to fashion a more concrete international community than was before possible, dedicated to exploring the paranormal by utilizing good critical thinking and scientific methodology.

The PF International Affiliate Program consists of one affiliate chosen from each country who is intimately involved with the parapsychological investigations taking place in his or her culture. PF Affiliates will represent the work of the Foundation in their home country and within the context of the Foundation’s resources, publications, conferences and website, will have the increased opportunity to share their own research and activities with colleagues dedicated to parapsychological research around the world.

Together, PF International Affiliates can, as Eileen J. Garrett hoped, “take psychical research out of the field of the abnormal, eccentric, or unreal, and bring together those who understand the deep unconscious forces at work.”

The Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates
(Affiliates with entries in the on-line Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology are underlined. Click on their names to go to the biographies.)
  • ARGENTINA: Mr. Alejandro Parra
  • AUSTRALIA: Prof. Harvey J. Irwin
  • AUSTRIA: Prof. Peter W. Mulacz
  • BRAZIL: Dr. Wellington Zangari & Dr. Fátima R. Machado,
  • ENGLAND: Dr. Chris A. Roe
  • CANADA: Mr. Walter Meyer zu Erpen
  • CHILE: Mr. Sergio Schilling
  • FRANCE: Dr. Mario Varvoglis
  • GREECE: Mr. Nikolaos Koumartzis
  • GERMANY: Mr. Gerd H. Hövelmann
  • HUNGARY: Mr. Zoltan Vassy
  • ICELAND: Prof. Erlendur Haraldsson
  • INDIA: Dr. Satwant K. Pasricha
  • ISRAEL: Dr. Joseph Glicksohn
  • ITALY: Dr. Massimo Biondi
  • JAPAN: Mr. Tosio Kasahara
  • MEXICO: Dr. Sergio A. Rueda
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Dr. Hans Gerding
  • NORWAY: Mr. Olav Brennsund
  • PORTUGAL: Dr. Mario P. Simőes
  • ROMANIA: Dr. Adrian Patrut
  • SCOTLAND: Dr. Caroline Watt
  • SOUTH PACIFIC: Dr. Robin Taylor
  • SPAIN: Dr. José-Miguel Pérez-Navarro
  • SWEDEN: Dr. Etzel Cardeña

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