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Dateline: New York City, February 9th, 2012
Contact: Lisette Coly, 212-628-1550
or email: office@parapsychology.org

New Perspectives Lecture on February 22nd, 2012

Dr. Nandor Fodor wrote and lectured extensively on parapsychology and psychical research, particularly on poltergeist phenomena. Click here for biographical details. He collaborated often with PF’s founder, medium, Eileen J. Garrett most notably in the investigation of the Ash Manor Ghost case. Amidst myriad publications, perhaps Dr. Fodor is best known for his Encyclopedia of Psychic Science and the Haunted Mind. Following an illustrious career in journalism and psychical research as a psychoanalyst he achieved international recognition with his many publications one with an introduction contributed by Dr. Sigmund Freud.

His daughter, Andrea Fodor Litkei has had an equally multifaceted career. An award winning poet, artist and musician her credits include soloist and Prima Ballerina with the Metropolitan Opera, an original screenplay, a solo painting exhibit in New York, lectures and publications in parapsychology, along with co-authorship of the “Bicentennial March” and “The Presidential Marches of America” not to mention the official march of Disneyland Productions to name a few.

Having grown up in the midst of paranormal research with personal associations with many luminaries of the field Mrs. Litkei will generously share her insights and conclusions drawn from her father’s and her own career paths.

Dr. Lawrence LeShan a long time friend and colleague of Parapsychology Foundation has graciously agreed to share in a free flowing discussion following Mrs. Litkei’s presentation. His most recent published work is A New Science of the Paranormal The Promise of Psychical Research.

Dateline: New York City, February 2nd, 2011
Contact: Lisette Coly, 212-628-1550
or email: office@parapsychology.org

2011 New Years Sale


Now available in e-book and available on Amazon Kindle and other distributors: Adventures in the Supernormal, the autobiography of PF founder, Eileen J. Garrett as well as Awareness, a compilation of her thoughts on human consciousness, faith and first-hand knowledge of the workings of her own psychic abilities. Allan Angoff’s intimate biography Eileen Garrett and the World beyond the Senses is also proudly available.


In consideration of everyone’s financial difficulties including regretfully that of PF, we have now dropped the bulk of our title prices within our Scholarly Monograph Series, International Conference Series and Pamphlet Series. All conference tiles have been reduced to $20 a volume with the exception of our most recent addition, Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology, consisting of 589 pages complete with photographs and searchable CD now available at a reduced price of $25.

All monographs now stand at $10 a title with the exception of Kelly and Locke’s Altered States of Consciousness and Psi: A Historical Survey and Research Prospectus with the inclusion of a the author’s new updated preface; Cavanna and Servadio’s ESP Experiments with LSD 25 and Psilocybin complete with a new preface by Dr. Charles T. Tart; and Thalbourne’s The Common Thread between ESP and PK which all stand at a price of $15.

Our introductory pamphlet series including those in Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese are available now
at a cost of $5.


Well aware that PF has not been able due to financial constraints to keep up with technology and convert our valuable videos to DVD we now offer these fascinating videos which offer so much food for thought and concrete knowledge provided by many of the leaders of our complex field at a reduced price of $5 an individual title and $10 for a two tape set. Please consider their purchase not only for your benefit but in support of our efforts to create an income stream with which we can hopefully convert these titles to DVD and continue to make them available to students and scholars.


Our quality paperback series remain in press and in stock and current prices along with the Awareness DVD which is presented in a reading by PF’s Executive Director and Garrett’s granddaughter along with a free form color display. As noted above most of the Helix Titles are available in digital form as e-books.

Dateline: New York City, February 8th, 2010
Contact: Lisette Coly, 212-628-1550
or email: office@parapsychology.org

New Perspectives Lecture on February 16th, 2010

Twelve years ago, the Parapsychology Foundation inaugurated it’s Perspectives Lecture Series. Join us on Tuesday evening, February 16th, 2010, at 7:00pm, at the New York Open Center at 22 East 30th Street in Manhattan for the 50th Perspectives Lecture. Walter Meyer zu Erpen’s presentation “Ectoplasm: Myth or Reality?,” will focus on the ectoplasmic experiments conducted by Dr. T. Glen Hamilton in Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the 1920s and 1930s.

The presentation is heavily illustrated with archival images from the T. Glen Hamilton collection at the University of Manitoba Department of Archives and Special Collections.

The purpose of the presentation is to help you decide whether the ectoplasm photographed in Winnipeg was real or fraudulent and whether it can be accepted as evidence of life after death.

Walter Meyer zu Erpen is the President of Survival Research Institute of Canada.

It is hoped that the Irish artist and PF Film Archivist Susan MacWilliam will also be on hand to briefly discuss two of her installations at the 2009 Venice Biennale, a film about the Parapsychology Foundation’s founder Eileen J. Garrett and another film on the Flammarion ectoplasm photographed by T. Glen Hamilton.

There’s a $10 donation at the door.

For more details, click here.

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