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We realize that videos are no longer state of the art and our intention is to convert all of our video holdings to downloadable digital files, as well as to upload snippets of these lectures to our new Parapsychology Foundation YouTube Channel. While we put together the funding to convert our materials, we have reduced the price of the individual videos considerably and for those of you who still have VHS players, what we have on offer is unique.

The collection is comprised of recorded lectures that from the Perspectives Lecture Series. Started in 1998, the Parapsychology Foundation provided these lectures for the local New York community. Well-known personalities in scientific and academic parapsychology, authors, field researchers, psychics and others have presented a wide variety of talks on a fascinating range of subjects related to the paranormal. So that the Series could be enjoyed by those who were not able to attend the actual lectures, the Foundation filmed each talk and included them in its Perspectives Lecture Series Videos.

While you are waiting for us to complete the digitization process please click on “Available Videos” to see the list.

In addition to the English-language Perspectives Lectures Series Videos, the Parapsychology Foundation also offers a number of video titles in other languages. Although currently only available in NTSC format, the foreign language video series contains introductions to the field in Spanish and Portuguese, and will contain soon the four presentations given at the Foundation’s first-ever Spanish-language forum held in Puerto Rico in February of 2001. Click on “Available Videos” and scroll to the bottom of the English-language list to find the Spanish and Portuguese videos.

While the Foundation searches for funding to allow for the conversion to downloadable formats please support our efforts by purchasing these valuable presentations at a cost of $4.50 per lecture plus shipping and handling, while supplies last.

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