Foundation Support

Since 1951 the Parapsychology Foundation has pledged its support to men and women working in the science of parapsychology. Donations and bequests made to the Foundation help ensure the continuation of our programs.

Support can be given to all our activities or earmarked for a specific program. The Parapsychology Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization; therefore, gifts of monies or property are tax deductible.

Recognizing that properly maintained research records, notes and correspondence would be of benefit to researchers, the Parapsychology Foundation acts as a repository for such archival materials.

For further information concerning donations to the Eileen J. Garrett Library Archives, please contact the Foundation.

“Parapsychology Foundation very much needs your financial assistance to maintain our valuable programs. With your help of a tax-deductible donation, we will continue to unravel the mysteries presented by psychic phenomena within a scientific and academic context.”

Eileen Coly,

Past President

Support for Parapsychology Foundation can be allocated as follows:

  • General Organizational Support
  • Scholarship and Award Support
  • Grant Support
  • Library Support


“Parapsychology Foundation’s myriad programs are supported, apart from the sales of our publications, primarily by donations and bequests. Money, albeit in one time contributions, regularly scheduled donations or endowments along with bequests of assets and property are applied by the Board of Trustees strictly to the purpose for which our organization has been incorporated to function as a world wide forum supporting scientific exploration of psychic phenomena. With contributions fully tax deductible please consider the future of our organization  and it’s valued work supporting researchers, academicians and students helping to ensure its continuation by your donations and bequests. Won’t you please consider a gift of education or research which will help to provide scholarships, fellowships and research opportunities to the world’s  most deserving individuals? Together we will strive for a greater understanding of the mysteries of psychic functioning”.

Lisette Coly,


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