During our banner 65th anniversary in 2016, PF’s Board of Trustees, following concentrated deliberation, has worked to reassess and revamp our Grant and Scholarship program that was, regretfully, suspended during a period of severe financial hardship. It goes without saying that we are enormously proud of our years of support of students and researchers the world over. We have provided a modicum of financial support that has assisted many to pursue highly productive careers with valued contributions to the science of parapsychology.

Our scholarship and grants programs are so important to us and the field. We at the PF are understandably enormously proud of our  “family” of PF grantees and award winners. Without them the growth of our field is compromised. It is important to note that PF seeks to support our colleagues in the US and around the world so we would invite all our friends to keep us in mind for donations. One way to give is through estate planning, so we ask please, therefore, that you consider PF within your estate planning, in the knowledge that if you are a US citizen your donations are fully tax deductible because the PF is a 501 c3 tax exempt organization. As our support from donors, small and large, grows, we will, as always, seek to maximize our support so to enlarge our programs. Below are some of the grants and scholarships we are able to offer again.

The Eileen J. Garrett Research Library Fellowship is still accepted although applicants must find their own funding for travel and living expenses.  Applicants are also encouraged to request these fellowships and programs at least six months in advance of hoped-for travel to the library.

  • Eileen J. Garrett Research Library Fellowship

Purposes and Particulars of PF Grants and Awards
Awards and Prizes
The Charles T. and Judith A. Tart Student Scholarly Incentive Award provides support for undergraduate and graduate students conducting research. For more information click on “Tart” above.

The D. Scott Rogo Award for Parapsychological Media provides support for creators of  projects in parapsychology. For more information click on “Rogo” above.

The Robert R. Coly Prize was an essay contest for undergraduate and graduate students who are completing degree programs in other fields but who have strong interests in parapsychology. For more information click on “Coly” above.

The Scholarly Incentive Award is available for students, researchers and scholars who need additional funding to complete degree programs or projects. For more information click on “Incentive” on the navigation bar above.

The Eileen Coly Research Grants are available for universities, laboratories, scientists, scholars, clinicians, and individuals conducting original research or experimentation that furthers parapsychology’s goals. For more information, click on “Eileen Coly” above.

The Frances P. Bolton Fellowship provides post-doctoral support for individuals whose thesis or dissertation either focused on or included parapsychological research. For more information click on “Bolton” above.
The Eileen J. Garrett Research Library Fellowship allows self-funded scholars, researchers, artists, writers, and post-graduate students aged 21 years or older to take up residency at the library for an extended period of time. Although no financial support is provided, library staff commit to being on hand through out the residency period. For more information on the program click here.

The Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students who are completing parapsychology degree programs or conducting parapsychological research as part of their degree requirements. For more information click on “Garrett” above.

Sequential Support for Exceptional Students
With the inauguration of the Robert R. Coly Prize, the Foundation has conceptualized the four main academic awards and scholarships as a suite of funding opportunities designed to support exceptional students with career aspirations in parapsychology throughout their educational experience. From the Charles T. and Judith A. Tart Student Incentive Award for Parapsychological Research of $500 for undergraduate and graduate students with specific research goals, to the Robert R. Coly Prize of $250 to be reinstated in 2018, to the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship of $2000 for undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled in accredited parapsychology degree programs and/or who are completing masters or doctoral programs with research projects that include parapsychology, and to the Frances P. Bolton Fellowship of $2000 which supports the continued work of new Ph.D.s whose doctoral research included parapsychology, these four awards can aid worthy students who begin with an undergraduate research project and continue on through the Ph.D.

Needless to say, then, becoming a recipient of one of the Foundation’s grants and awards, does NOT make an individual ineligible for further funding from the Foundation.

For more information on the above grants and awards, and for applications forms, please contact us at