Helix History

Helix Press is a publishing imprint with a long history. Owned and established by PF founders, Eileen J. Garrett and The Honorable Frances P. Bolton, in its first incarnation Helix Press ran from 1943 until its demise in 1972. The imprint was used under Creative Age Press and also under Garrett Publications until it was revived recently under the aegis of Parapsychology Foundation. A selected list of past Helix Press titles:

Awareness by Eileen J. Garrett
The Haunted Mind by Nandor Fodor
The Quest at Glastonbury by William W. Kenawell
J. Hewat McKenzie by Muriel Hankey
Goethe and the Philosopher’s Stone by Alice Raphael
Can We Explain the Poltergeist by A. R. G. Owen

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