Below are links to general information on the paranormal, organizations, research laboratories and units. We have tried to include places with serious scientific and academic content around the planet.

Links and General Info Online Parapsychology Bookstore

Public Parapsychology

Society for Psychical Research Links

The Society for Psychical Research’s New Psi Encyclopedia (still under construction but available as it rolls out)

Skeptical Investigations

Skeptico: Science at the Tipping Point

Departments, Laboratories and Societies

Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit

Associazione Italiana Scientifica di Metapsichica

Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc.

Division of Perceptual Studies

Exceptional Human Experience Network

Fondazione Biblioteca Bozzano-De Boni

Institut fur Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (Istitute for Borderland Psychology and Psychohygiene)

Institut Métapsychique International (International Metapsychic Institute)

Instituto de Psicología Paranormal (Institute of Paranormal Psychology)

International Association for Near-Death Studies

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Parapsychologie und Grenzbereiche der Wissenschaften
(Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science)

Parapsychological Association

Rhine Research Center

Society for Psychical Research

Society for Scientific Exploration

Research Laboratories and Units

Conscious Universe Archival Website for Dean Radin

Center for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes, University of Northampton

Global Consciousness Project

International Consciousness Research Laboratories

Koestler Parapsychology Unit, University of Edinburgh

Laboratorie de Parapsychologie de Toulouse

Laboratories of Fundamental Research


The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences

Mind Matter Unification Project

Parapsychology Online


AIPR Certificate in Parapsychology and AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology

Certificate Program in Parapsychological Studies at HCH Institue

Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology: Research and education

Rhine Education Center



Australian Journal of Parapsychology

International Journal of Parapsychology

Journal of Near-Death Studies

Journal of Parapsychology

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Quaderni di Parapsicologia

Revista Argentina de Psicología Paranormal

Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Journal

Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie