The Member Organization Program

The Member Organization Program is a recognition of the good work of other organizations around the world and in the United States as well, whose goals are allied with those of the Foundation, that is furthering scientific research and advancing education in the field. Below you will find information about our four first Member Organizations.

Inaugurated in the final months of 2004, the PF welcomed its first Member Organization, Inter Psi of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2006, the Instituto de Psicología Paranormal in Buenos Aires, Argentina became a member organization as did the now defunct Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at the University of Adelaide in Australia. In 2010 The AZIRE (The Alvarado Zingrone Institute for Research and Education, a virtual institute) was also added to the list, and in 2016, the Australian Institute for Psychical Research, now in the hands of Dr. Lance Storm, who, along with Dr. Michael A. Thalbourne (now deceased), was one of the principles of the APRU at Adelaide has been added.

As the Parapsychology Foundation rededicates itself to Outreach at home and around the globe, watch this page.