Perspective Lecture: Walter Meyer zu Erpen presents “Do Tables Tilt, Turn and Float?” on April 30th

To find out, join us at the Eileen Garrett library at 308 Front Street, Greenport, New York on April 30th at 2pm !

Walter Meyer zu Erpen, BA, MAS, President, Survival Research Institute of Canada, and PF International Affiliate presents Table Levitation Phenomena, 1850-2006: Understanding the Table Levitations Photographed by Dr. T.G. Hamilton, Winnipeg, 1923-1927

In 1991, historian and archivist Walter Meyer zu Erpen began a historical study of the psychical research experiments that medical doctor T. Glen Hamilton conducted between 1918 and 1935 in his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That in-depth study has convinced Walter of the objective reality of the physical phenomena photographed by Dr. Hamilton in his séances. In sharing his journey to understand just one aspect of the Hamilton experiments, the full, non-contact table levitations photographed between 1923 and 1927, Walter will show photographic images of the best European and North American cases of table phenomena, which date from the 1850s. In addition, he will draw upon his personal experience as a member of a Spiritualist home circle that observed, between 1998 and 2010, strong psychokinetic table movements, including lifting, rocking, and pivoting of a square, 21-pound table. That Victoria-based group was featured in the made-for-TV documentary “Conjuring Philip” that has aired on Canadian TV since 2007. The presentation will also include short video clips of the group’s table moving under good lighting conditions.

Join us in the return of our live Perspectives lecture series …donations at the door much appreciated ! seating first come first serve!

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