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Annual Report and Happy Holidays from the PF!

It’s holiday time once again which is hard to believe even while the old adage “time flies” rings true to most especially with the benefit of maturity. As President of Parapsychology Foundation perhaps I can be forgiven for contemplating the ghosts of PF past, present and future. The Ghost of PF Past The “Ghost of… Continue Reading

PF Book Expo Saturday December 2nd 2017

On Saturday, December 2nd, the Parapsychology Foundation will host it’s latest Book Expo, an online event that focuses on recent books, academic and popular, that are important to the field because of the topics they cover, and, of course, because of the quality of the research and the writing. In this iteration all three of… Continue Reading

Erika A. Pratte Named Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship for 2017

Earlier this year, the Parapsychology Foundation reinstated some of its grants and awards programs. Among these is the once again annual Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship in the amount of $2000 designed to assist a student attending an accredited college or university who wishes to pursue the academic study of the science of parapsychology. The successful… Continue Reading

Eileen J. Garrett’s Thoughts on Death and Survival

From the desk of Lisette Coly … My grandmother, Eileen J. Garrett, the noted trance medium, took “a lot of flak” for never being successfully “pinned down” on the record to state without question her belief in life after death. Despite often having access to seemingly unworldly information produced in a manner that seemed to support the survival hypothesis… Continue Reading

Working Hard in the Summer: Populating The PF YouTube Channel with New Videos Week by Week

The YouTube Project at the PF Currently approaching 90 videos, the Parapsychology Foundation has been busy working hard this summer on the PF YouTube Channel. Back in the spring of 2015, PF President Lisette Coly set up a small committee — then comprised of herself, Anna Damalas, the Administrative Assistant of the PF, and Research… Continue Reading

Congratulations to PF Research Fellow Dr Carlos S Alvarado on his PA Outstanding Career Award

This month I am delighted to share the welcome news that Dr Carlos S. Alvarado is the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Career Award bestowed by the Parapsychological Association at their 60th annual convention this year convened in Athens, Greece. PF may be deemed biased as we have a long standing association with Carlos as… Continue Reading

PF Family News

The PF “family” is busy. We have happily made additions to our roster of PF International Affiliates and Grant and Award winners. I would herewith like to welcome them to the fold. The PF Affiliate for Germany The PF family was greatly saddened at the loss of our dear, much revered colleague, Gerd Hövelmann, who… Continue Reading

News about PF Grants and Scholarships

During our banner 65th anniversary in 2016, PF’s Board of Trustees, following concentrated deliberation, has worked to reassess and revamp our Grant and Scholarship program that was, regretfully, suspended during a period of severe financial hardship. It goes without saying that we are enormously proud of our years of support of students and researchers the… Continue Reading

Eileen J. Garrett on Consciousness

Just recently the Society for Psychical Research within their Facebook page displayed  the cover of Eileen J. Garrett’s Awareness for those interested in Mediumship. First published in 1943, PF brought it back into print in 2007 along with a foreword by Rhea White with a prologue I penned. Rhea, a long term  colleague, grantee, conference… Continue Reading

On Mediumship

So many mediums or channels abound on television these days. Whereas in the past, while mediumship has always existed the public at large, the public en masse, were not as familiar with the phenomenon as they are now. These days, on talk shows, reality television, and in many plot lines in both drama and comedy,… Continue Reading