Since the ground-breaking Utrecht International Congress held in 1953, up to and including a return to Utrecht 55 years later in 2008 the Parapsychology Foundation has organized over 30 conferences on specific themes. In each instance, the PF has endeavored to chose topics of great importance to scientific and academic parapsychology and psychical research and to make sure that presenters were drawn from the field itself as well as from other disciplines. Beginning with Utrecht I, in 1953, the PF has been committed to providing presenters with a stress-free experience in a well-appointed venue so that all the energies of the conference attendees could be turned to the intellectual task at hand.

The majority of the Foundation’s international conferences were captured for posterity in the published conference proceedings. Each hardbound volume is a unique mix of presented papers and transcribed discussions, and all are still in print. To see the complete list, click “Available Proceedings.”